Google PageSpeed / Lighthouse & Geolocation

One very important note to make on the usage of Google PageSpeed Insights or browser based Lighthouse is your location and the effect it has on doing tests on websites on servers located far outside your region. Lighthouse If you are testing from Bangkok and your client’s server is located in the Netherlands this will … Continued

Cloudways Optimizing Website speed (under 3 sec)

The headline of this blog post was part of an Upwork request by a customer. He was looking for someone to speed optimize his website and get it to load under 3 seconds. Not only was he specific on loading time, and under 2-3 seconds is good practice and the site specs – WooCommerce on … Continued

Alpha Territory Speed Optimization

Upwork Job posting asked for WordPress Developer / Site Reliability Engineer to take care of Alpha Territory. On of its tasks is speed optimization. What would we do to speed optimize this website? Site Setup Let’s first talk about the current site configuration. The site is a WordPress + WooCommerce website running the Flatsome theme. … Continued

Time To First Byte

Our customers worry about Time to First Byte more and more. It is one of the key indicators that Google PageSpeed uses to determine whether your website loads quickly enough and whether or not it gets a good score. Let’s talk about its meaning and usefulness. Meaning TTFB So what is TTFB? Wikipedia states it … Continued

Wooaid Optimization

Woo Aid is a WordPress website running Jupiter X and Elementor. A website that has more nuts and bolts than IMWZ running a custom Sage theme theme has. Still there is a lot to do to make this setup snappier. Specifications Jupiter X is the theme that is running most of WooAid. It is our … Continued

IMWZ Speed Optimization

This blog post is a test case showing how we optimize WordPress websites. In this case one of our affiliate sites IMWZ. We started off with a mobile score of 51 at Google PageSpeed. Which was in the green, but not very impressive Custom Theme It is worth mentioning that IMWZ runs on a custom … Continued